Main objectives of the organization of academic process with the use of credit technology are:

  1. unification of volume of knowledge;
  2. creation of conditions for maximum individualization of education;
  3. strengthening the role and effectiveness of the individual work of students;
  4. identification of the actual academic achievements of students through effective procedures for their control.

Credit education technology includes:

  1. introducing a credit system for assessing labor expenditures of students and teachers in each course;
  2. freedom of choice of the courses by the students included in the catalogue of elective courses to provide for their direct involvement in the formation of individual academic curriculum;
  3. freedom of choice of the teacher by the students;
  4. involvement in the academic process advisors, assisted the students to choose the educational trajectory;
  5. use of interactive teaching methods;
  6. enhance the individual work of students in mastering of educational programme;
  7. academic freedom of the department and chairs in the organization of academic process, the formation of educational programmes;
  8. ensuring the academic process with all necessary educational and teaching materials in print and electronic media;
  9. effective methods of monitoring academic achievements of students;
  10. The use of point-grade-rating system of assessment of academic achievements of students in each academic course.

In planning and organization of academic mobility at KSU, the following regulations and documents are used:

Образовательный портал
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